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Plexr®: scientifically advanced technology for the aesthetics of the look

 After laser, Ultrasound and IPL, Plexr® comes as a new and less invasive modality to the ophthalmic world. GMV is proud to be the first and pioneer manufacturer of the unique Plasma technology used in the field of ophthalmology.

Aesthetic and functional surgery for eyelids, orbit and tear ducts

Ophthalmology Webinar

Ophthalmology Webinar

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This innovative project, called “PANIS Method”, has been developed by the research group of Iranian Vision Research Center. The aim is to introduce a new treatment method, working on precise guide line for best and most effective office-based technique in applying plasma for treatment of a number of ocular surface disorders.

PANIS is abbreviation of: Plasma Assisted Non Invasive Surgery. (Panis in iranian language means SWEET and is iranian girl name).

Plexr® can work completely safety and effectively both on skin and on ocular surface, as scientifically proven and published on international literature

Non Surgical - Does not need to take the patient to the operating room (completely office-based). There is no need of anesthesia or stitches.

Low cost compared to classical treatments

Skills Demonstration Workshop

Browse our Skills Demonstration held at our National Training Centre in London Royal Free Hadley Wood.

Presented by Professor Ash Mosahebi and Dr. Dev Patel.