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Devices in Action

Plexr, Thuzzle, Vecron, Plexr Omnia... the list goes on!

This range of devices are all you will need for your clinic or surgery.

The results are truly amazing!

Treatments with Plexr

Periocular wrinkles

The appearance of facial expression wrinkles is the result of chronic contraction of mimic muscles. 

Papilloma removal (without anesthesia)

A papilloma (plural papillomas or papillomata) (papillo- + -oma) is a benign epithelial tumor growing exophytically (outwardly projecting) in nipple-like and often finger-like fronds.


This is the name that we give to the wrinkles perpendicular to the lips that appear in the peribuccal area and that make us look ten years older ... Plexrs results are outstanding in removing Barcode wrinkles.

“Soft” Blepharoplasty e xantelasma

Plexr is a non-surgical treatment which offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).

Advanced Blepharoplasty (Sotiris)

Plexr is a non-surgical treatment which offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).


Keratosis pilaris results from the buildup of keratin — a hard protein that protects skin from harmful substances and infection. The keratin forms a scaly plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicle. Usually many plugs form, causing patches of rough, bumpy skin.

Pterygium with graft

A pterygium is a pinkish, triangular tissue growth on the cornea of the eye. It typically starts on the cornea near the nose. It may slowly grow but rarely grows so large that it covers the pupil and impairs vision.


The lipodermoid is a congenital, benign tumor that lies beneath the conjunctiva It is yellowish, movable, and has a smooth surface.


Keloids are a type of raised scar. They occur where the skin has healed after an injury. They can grow to be much larger than the original injury that caused the scar. Anything that can cause a scar can cause a keloid. This includes being burned, cut, or having severe acne.

Ruby angiom

Red moles, or cherry angiomas, are common skin growths that can develop on most areas of your body. They're also known as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. They're usually found on people aged 30 and older. The collection of small blood vessels inside a cherry angioma give them a reddish appearance.


The use of a plasma generator (Plexr) to treat the symptoms of
vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA).


A skin cyst is a lump under the skin caused by a build-up of fluid.A skin cyst looks like a round lump just under the skin. They can range in size from smaller than a pea to a few centimetres wide

Gingival whitening

A simple, pain free and fast procedure to remove the brown or dark colours for pink looking gums.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile, known as excessive gingival display in doctor speak, is when you smile and too much gum tissue shows above the top teeth.

Plexr technology is ideal for the treatment of gummy smiles.

Conjunctival Cyst

A conjunctival cyst is a thin-walled sac or vesicle that contains fluid. This vesicle may develop either on or under the conjunctiva. It develops due to variety of causes such as infection, inflammation, retention cyst and rarely drug induced.

Active acne

Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition that affects over 80% of adults and is particularly prevalent in teenagers. It appears most commonly on the face, chest, back and neck. If it remains untreated it can cause permanent damaged skin commonly known as acne scarring.


Also known as tinea unguium, is a fungal infection of the nail. Symptoms may include white or yellow nail discoloration, thickening of the nail, and separation of the nail from the nail bed. Toenails or fingernails may be affected, but it is more common for toenails to be affected.

Treatments with Thuzzle