Plexr Technology

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Plexr technology is revolutionary

PLEXR has truly revolutionized the aesthetic surgery industry, with its pain-free, non-invasive measures.


It’s versatility means that it can be used to better treat a number of different conditions as a substitute for a range of different surgical procedures.


Plexr advantages 

compared to Surgery

  • No injectable anesthetic required

  • No scalpel or suture involved

  • No bleeding

  • Very low risk for complications

  • Far less downtime 

  • Quick, painless procedure

  • Short learning curve for practitioners

  • No thinning of the skin

  • More cost-effective


Plexr advantages 

compared to Laser Surgery

  • Less dependent on skin colour

  • Less dependent on pathology 

  • No unwanted heat spread             

  • More cost-effective 

  • Shorter downtime

  • More versatility in terms of uses


Plexr Advantages

  • ​PLEXR has no contraindications

  • PLEXR has no wires, cables, leads or grounding plates

  • PLEXR has a double patent.

  • PLEXR uses no electric current. 

  • PLEXR obeys true plasma principles and does not touch the skin in order to generate plasma.

Certified medical devices for minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

Plexr devices are manufactured by GMV who is a company based in Rome, in which the most advanced technologies are manufactured in compliance with European standards in terms of safety, quality and reliability.


The ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 certifications for quality management are a confirmation of the professionalism of Plexr devices.

Plexr devices, certified according to the Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical devices, are made entirely in by GMV, from the idea and the prototype, up to production and sold in the UK by UKRC.

In GMVs's Research and Development department, a group of engineers works constantly and passionately on the development of unique, high-quality and cutting-edge technologies. This coupled with the research and development by UKRC brings a wide range of product solutions and soft surgery advancements.

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