Plexr Applications

Aesthetic Medicine Image Showing Skin areas for Plexr Soft Surgery Treatments



Aesthetic medicine

In aesthetic medicine Plexr is used for the following types of intervention:


Face, neck and body lifting

Non surgical blepharoplasty
Gummy smile
Tattoo removal
Gingival whitening

Plexr Acne examples for Dermatology treatments including Acne, scaring, mole and sport removal.



Plexr is used in dermatology for the following types of intervention:

Tattoo removal
Ruby angiomas

Plexr treatments used in Ophtalmology. Safe surgery backed up by clinical and human clinical studies.



In Ophthalmology Plexr is used for the following types of intervention:


Non surgical blepharoplasty
Conjunctival cyst
Conjunctival nevus
Ectoprion and entropion
Conjunctival deposition
Punctual occlusion
Conjunctival concretions

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Plexr is used in dentistry for the following types of intervention:

Gingival whitening
Crown lengthening
Implant uncovering
Gummy smile
Pre-imprint groove preparation
Benign neoformations of the oral cavity
Idiopathic or drug-based gingival hypertrophy

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery

In Costmetic Surgery Plexr is used for the following types of intervention:


Face, neck and body lifting

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Plexr is used in gynecology for the following types of intervention:

Vulvo-vaginal atrophy
Aesthetic and functional vaginal rejuvenation

Applications of Plexr

Removal of skin tumors with Plexr

Removal of skin tumors with Plexr

Skin tumors can be removed with Plexr®.

Not every skin change is an indication of cancer. Benign skin tumors usually do not endanger health, but are often a burden to those affected for cosmetic reasons. They differ from malignant skin tumors in that they do not damage surrounding tissue and do not spread through the lymphatic or blood system. A large number of benign skin tumors can be gently removed with the innovative PlexR® plasma generator.

How is skin lesion removed with PlexR®?

PlexR® is a medical device that uses the selective and particularly skin-friendly plasma technology. This innovative system converts gas into plasma and can - similar to a microflits - be applied very precisely to the skin. Unlike surgery or laser treatment, the surrounding tissue is effectively spared during the treatment. Thanks to the precision made possible by the use of PlexR®, excellent results can be achieved with minimal recovery times.

Before benign skin tumors are removed with PlexR®, the patient receives a preliminary medical examination and explanation. Smaller skin changes can usually be treated immediately with PlexR®, while a trial treatment is recommended for larger skin areas. Skin tumors are always removed on an outpatient basis and without injection anesthesia with PlexR®. If necessary, an anesthetic cream can be used. At the end of the plasma therapy, special care products ensure a rapid regeneration of the treated tissue. After just a few days, the skin is fully recovered and shines with a new freshness.

What types of skin changes can PlexR® remove?

There are a number of benign skin tumors that can be very easily removed with PlexR® technology. Skin changes that can be treated include:

  • Fibroids and Dermatofibromas
  • Xanthelasma
  • Verrucae
  • Syringomas
  • Seborrheic keratoses
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Helicis nodular chondrodermatitis
  • Small angiomas
  • Nevi sebacei

and much more. The specialty of the procedure with PlexR® is on the one hand the gentle handling of the tissue to be treated, as well as an effective and above all safe treatment of the skin. Nevertheless, a preliminary examination by a dermatologist is necessary to check the applicability of the plasma generator against benign skin tumors.

Effective skin tumor removal: benefits of PlexR® treatment

PlexR® is a powerful and highly innovative medical device for non-invasive skin treatment. In particular, the removal of benign skin changes with the PlexR® offers many advantages for the user and the patient.

No injection anesthesia is required. With local anesthesia, larger areas can be prepared for the procedure. Thanks to the excellent precision of plasma technology, very sensitive skin areas can also be treated. A benign skin tumor on the face, eg directly on the edge of the eyelid, is easy to remove with the plasma jet of Plexr. Eye protection is not necessary, neither for the practitioner nor for the patient. An important benefit that patients greatly appreciate is the scar-free healing of the treated skin area. Plasma induces normal re-epithelialization and thereby promotes the migration of healthy epithelial cells from the environment. Patients who have a benign tumor removed from their skin are usually not expected to have any symptoms, eg itching. Healing is also significantly faster compared to other treatment methods. The plasma of the PlexR® promotes the multiplication and migration of the epithelial cells, as well as the vascularization, thus ensuring an even and aesthetic skin appearance after the short recovery phase.

Scar treatment with PlexR®

Many have to deal with smaller or larger scars in the course of life. The scar tissue has a different structure, is less elastic with a limited function of the skin and is notable for a disturbed pigmentation. Many patients therefore want to have their scars removed professionally.

How does scar treatment with PlexR® work?

A selective and particularly skin-friendly plasma technology is used for scar correction with PlexR®. This means that treatment with Plexr is non-surgical and non-invasive. A smaller keloid, hypertrophic or atrophic scar or light stretch marks can be treated with PlexR®, in one go. In the case of severe or large scars, a trial treatment is first carried out before a later treatment appointment is made.

What are the benefits of scar correction with PlexR®?

Plexr plasma is known for its deep stimulating and restorative effects on skin, which also applies to scars and stretch marks.

With the help of the Plexr plasma effect, the local blood supply to the treated skin is accelerated and the growth of new skin cells and connective tissue fibers is stimulated, without causing new wounds or scarring again. Due to the benefit of the accompanying anesthetic effect of Plexr plasma itself, the use of other anesthetics, such as injections, etc., is not necessary. The big plus of this form of treatment is that the affected skin areas become more elastic and firmer. The result is a significantly less noticeable texture and a more even complexion.

These scars can be corrected with PlexR®

With PlexR® plasma technology, the scar tissue can be tightened so tightly that it is ideally barely visible. However, permanent total removal of scars is not possible. Nevertheless, PlexR® offers a wide range of possible applications: Hypertrophic scars can be treated in the same way as keloids. These are the result of overproduction of connective tissue and are usually characterized by a convex and often very red colored appearance. These scars are treated as excess skin, making them flatter, narrower and more elastic.

Thanks to the stimulating Plexr effect, new pigmentation can even develop on white, depigmented scar tissue. This is, of course, a process that usually takes a few treatments over a longer period of time, at ample intervals.

As a rule, “fresh” and red scars are not treated. These can only be treated with Plexr plasma after a year or more.

Acne scars can be treated effectively and the skin is stimulated in a gentle and extremely painless way to improve circulation and the healthy growth of new connective tissue fibers. Acne scars treatments are extremely precise and usually require a few well-spaced treatments.

Atrophic scars, as well as stretch marks , are treated very gently on the sides to lower them and ideally bring them back to the point of invisibility. The pigment cells at the edge of the scar are thereby reached and often stimulated to migrate. PlexR® is of course also suitable for treating scars on the face.

Fractional PlexR® Resurfacing


Fractional PlexR® Resurfacing - Rejuvenation through the latest technology.

A common skin aging effect is the so-called "crackle" skin, or as a medical name known as Actinic Elastose or Elastosis Solaris. These are degenerative changes in the skin structure as a result of the aging process. This phenomenon is especially typical for female skin at the latitude, such as in the Netherlands. Elastosis can be accompanied by many deep and smaller wrinkles, age spots and local skin thickening. This has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic impression of the skin.

What is elastosis?

Elastosis, a common collagen degeneration in people over 50 years of age, but can also occur at a younger age, as premature skin aging. This form of elastosis is more pronounced in areas of the body that are exposed to the sun. These areas are characterized by significant loss of elasticity, texture, sagging, increased wrinkles and irregular pigmentation. Skin thickening (keratosis) may even appear locally.

Treating elastosis with Plexr

With fractional PlexR® resurfacing, both wrinkle treatment and the reduction of pigmentation spots are possible. The innovative technology of the Plexr® revitalizes the skin in a gentle treatment with long-lasting results of wrinkle reduction. Especially with elastosis, the plasma treatment with Fractional PlexR® resurfacing is a quick, gentle and most adequate treatment method that ensures a wrinkle-free face and a vital appearance.

The Plexr treatment leads to a restructuring of the skin with the result: a thorough reduction or even removal of wrinkles and at the same time a tightening of the skin. Any pigment disorders are also relieved. Because fractional PlexR® resurfacing treats all these skin changes in one step, it is an extremely efficient treatment. In addition, the result of the fractional PlexR® treatment is particularly natural and long-lasting.

Eyelid correction with PlexR®

Do you suffer from drooping eyelids and do you want a fresh and radiant look? Would you like to have an aesthetic eyelid correction, but avoid the risks of surgery? Then the non-ablative eyelid correction with PlexR® is an excellent alternative for you. This is a new method of eyelid correction that does not require surgery. Instead, the treatment is carried out in a short time and with the help of local anesthesia in the form of a strong anesthetic cream (no injection). The eyelid lift without surgery with PlexR® ensures an optimal result without scars, burns or cuts. The Italian medical company GMV has innovated this revolutionary treatment technique.

Eyelid correction with PlexR®

A fresh, radiant look shows vitality and strength. But many women and men suffer from age-related sagging or drooping eyelids. These not only make your face look tired and exhausted, but can also affect your field of vision. With PlexR®, eyelid tightening can be easily performed without surgery. A session usually does not last longer than 15 minutes. You can monitor the results of the treatment throughout the procedure. Thanks to the eyelid correction with PlexR®, both the upper and lower eyelids can be tightened without surgery or scarring.

Upper eyelid lift for a fresh, vital look

The “rejuvenation effect” that is often desired in aesthetic eyelid corrections is best expressed in the upper eyelid lift. A weakened connective tissue and excess fat deposits in the upper eyelid leave a person with a tired, if not even sad, expression. While many suffer from this natural aging phenomenon, they often shy away from conventional procedures for surgery on the upper eyelids. Unlike a surgical eye lift, with the PlexR® upper eyelid lift you can be sure to maintain your individual expression and benefit from a radiant look.

Lower eyelid lift

While the upper eyelid is increasingly affected by drooping or drooping eyelids due to age, so-called "bags under the eyes" are forming on the lower eyelid. They too make the person's face look tired or sad. With an eyelid correction of the lower eyelid with PlexR®, the excess skin is removed and in this way the bags under the eyes are greatly reduced. Unlike a conventional procedure, the eyelids are free of cuts and scars in this treatment. Instead, the procedure produces long-lasting skin rejuvenation with very little risk.

How does it work?

During the treatment, the patient can open and close his eyes and the practitioner can immediately check and optimize the result of the PlexR® application. Unlike conventional eyelid tightening surgery which takes several weeks for the swelling to disappear and the scars to heal. The result of the correction of the upper and lower eyelid with PlexR®, on the other hand, can be assessed immediately after the treatment.

The duration of a treatment is usually 10-20 minutes. The treated areas are disinfected and treated with special anesthetic cream. Plasters are not needed after the correction, you have no stitches. Moderate to heavier swelling can be expected for 2-3 days. The treated areas can optionally be covered with liquid make-up and heal very quickly. Large skin surpluses may require an additional session after 4-8 weeks for optimal results. Usually one session is sufficient for an excellent result

Advantages of eyelid correction with PlexR®

In contrast to surgical eyelid tightening, plasma therapy with PlexR® has many advantages:

  • Simple treatment that can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Excellent and long-lasting results
  • No syringes! The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia with a cream
  • No stitches
  • No risks (e.g. no asymmetry, eyelid removal too much, or the like)
  • No scars
  • Can be repeated if necessary
  • Recovery time is on average 6 days
  • No bleeding, no bruising

With the PlexR®, the upper and lower eyelids can be optimally treated because not only is the drooping eyelid treated, but the doctor can advise to address a wider surrounding region to obtain even more tightness and harmony. (think of drooping eyebrows or “crow's feet”)

Treating Pigment changes with Plexr

Plexr is very useful in case of accumulated pigment discoloration, such as hyperpigmentation. Melasma, lentignes, but also hypopigmentation or hypomelanosis characterized by the appearance of white, depigmented skin areas can be treated. .

Hyperpigmentation can be corrected very effectively by ablation, after which the treated skin area heals without scarring. However, after treatment, these areas remain intrinsically sensitive to the re-emergence of hyperpigmentation and must therefore be protected from sunlight for a long time.

In case of hypopigmentation, the affected area is effectively treated by low-dose and stimulating Plex® plasma beams. The intrinsic plasma effect promotes the regeneration of pigment cells and allows partial and in some cases even complete repigmentation. The doctor will be able to inform you about the expected results after an intake.

Wrinkle treatment with Plexr

Plasma therapy with Plexr is a new innovative method of wrinkle treatment with clear benefits and excellent results compared to existing methods. With the PlexR®, the sides of the wrinkles and epidermal skin layers can be accurately removed, by means of a very precise sublimation technique. At the same time, the indirect plasma effect ensures accelerated healing, the desired skin tightening and rejuvenation. The newly formed skin is flawless and taut.

All types of wrinkles can be effectively treated with the PlexR®

Some folds are caused by the effect of gravity and by loss of elasticity (e.g. the nasolabial fold) Mimic wrinkles are caused by the activity of the facial muscles (e.g. smile lines, frown lines, etc.)

Crackled skin, or Elastose wrinkles arise as a result of premature aging, making the skin thicker and wrinkly. These changes can occur as a result of overexposure to the sun and / or in heavy smokers. Elastosis is often found around the mouth, on the cheeks, on the chin and on the forehead e.g. smoker's wrinkles (perioral folds), cheek wrinkles, etc.

The Plexr® plasma treatment ensures, depending on the gradation, a long-term improvement and even total removal of various wrinkles.The degree of the Plexr effectiveness is partly related to the depth and shape of the wrinkles and partly dependent on the self-healing capacity still present. of the skin. Shallow wrinkles can be removed in one go, while deeper or dynamic wrinkles require multiple treatments. In some cases wrinkle treatments are supported by and treatment with CollagenShaping.

Benefits of wrinkle treatments with Plexr:

  • Not a scalpel
  • Without syringes
  • Without foreign substances (filler, threads or the like)
  • Without risks
  • No allergic reactions
  • Long lasting effect

Tatoo removal with Plexr

How does tattoo removal work without laser?

The non-invasive tattoo removal by PlexR® allows a painless and tissue-friendly removal of tattoos in a few sessions. Unlike a laser, which destroys the color particles from the tattoo and transports them to the lymphatic system, the PlexR® therapeutic plasma removes the color particles from the skin by ablation. The plasma generator works with ionized particles that can effectively reach even deeper skin layers. Due to the charged particles, the skin is slightly anesthetized during the treatments. The skin heals without scars.

What are the benefits of tattoo removal without laser?

The PlexR® plasma generator ensures a gentle and above all successful skin treatment. The treatment of unwanted tattoos is practically painless and is carried out without injection anesthesia, only an anesthetic cream is applied to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. In addition, possible side effects in tattoo removal are extremely rare. Not only a tattoo but also permanent make-up can be effectively and safely removed from any part of the body.

What Happens During Tattoo Removal With PlexR®?

Tattoos are removed in two steps with PlexR®. First, the plasma application prepares the pigmented areas for pigment extraction by sublimating the epidermis. In the second step of the treatment, the pigments are removed using an extraction paste that is applied to the treated area after epidermal ablation.

No thermal damage is done to the underlying tissue during microablation with Plexr. With this type of treatment, small and large tattoos with all ink colors can be completely removed. Depending on the size, an average of 4 to 6 sessions are required for tattoo removal.

Vaginal tightening with Plexr

Plexr® is the only plasma generator that achieves great vaginal tightening results. Both the labia and the vagina can be treated. Slackness in the vaginal area can severely limit sexual pleasure. There are several causes for the development of a sagging vagina. Both the outer and inner diameter of the vagina change over the course of a woman's life by, for example:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Aging processes
  • Hormone changes
  • Congenital weakness of the connective tissue

The visibly unaesthetic symptoms of female genitalia can be experienced as frustrating and therefore have negative consequences. Here Plexr® can be the solution! The plasma device quickly and painlessly tightens the skin of the sensitive labia and gives the patient more self-confidence.

Vaginal tightening without surgery and laser

Using the unique Plexr® action, an enlarged vagina can be tightened and rejuvenated. The plasma generator can soften or even remove wrinkles, stretches the skin and reduces scars. It is an outpatient treatment. In most cases, a risky operation can be avoided by means of a Plexr application.

Advantages of the vaginal treatment and labia lift with the Plexr

Plexr is ideal for performing a non-surgical procedure for the reduction of labia. This procedure is suitable for mild and medium hypertrophy. Topical, local anesthesia / anesthesia is very effective and allows painless treatment.

  • No injections
  • No cuts and stitches.
  • No side effects that could occur after surgery, such as: possible reopening of a closed wound (dehiscence), scarring, secondary bleeding, inflammation, etc.
  • No pain
  • No risks
  • Very short downtime. The downtime is several days.
  • Long lasting results
  • High patient acceptance

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